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A Quick Fork in the Job Road

This year I switched jobs. Continue reading to learn a bit more about what I'm doing now.


3 minutes read

Let’s put it this way. I wasn’t looking for a new job. But due to an unforeseen curveball, I now work for Pure Storage. This wasn’t a planned move, but looking back (6 months now). I have no complaints!! I wish all of my friends and colleagues at Entrust the best of luck and I know we will see each other at future trade shows or somewhere else along our travels.

New Year, New Changes!

With 2021 in the rear view mirror I wanted to look back and talk about some recent changes that have already transpired in 2021


5 minutes read

Changes Ahead Most people post their New Years’ blog posts within the first week of the new year. But, there have been some things brewing that I needed to wait to complete. This blog post isn’t like my other posts. It’s a brief look back at what transpired in 2020 and what I hope to accomplish this year.

How I DIY'd My Career Into a Sales Engineer

I recently had the opportunity to discuss being a better Sales Engineer on the Sales Burrito Podcast show. Read along (and listen) to learn a bit about how I DIY'd my career to get where I am today.


4 minutes read

Sales Burrito logo This post is one of those times where I put tech aside. So, if you are only interested in tech-related blog posts, then you may want to skip this one. If I caught your interest (W00t!!), then please continue. “MacGyvering” My Career Path My career path didn’t follow a traditional plan or approach.

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