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Welcome to my little piece of the Internet. I blog here, but not as often as I like to. But, please don’t let that keep you from reading any further about me or my blog. I don’t have comments enabled on my site. So, please reach out to me on Twitter @PSUStevens.

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This is a personal blog about technical topics that interest me. The main topics are centered around virtualization, VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V. Automation is also of interest to me. This includes PowerShell, VMware PowerCLI (which is mainly PowerShell) and a smattering of Python. I also still keep up on several Microsoft technologies, primarily Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows Server and finally Active Directory, as that is how I got my start in the IT world. I also reserve the right to throw in anything else that strikes my fancy, such as storage, backups, networking, etc.


I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, but I now live in New England. Despite living in New England, I can still speak native “Pittsburghese”. If you don’t know what that means don’t fret. I speak fluent English too.

I am currently the Principal Technical Solutions Architect at Entrust where I am responsible for evangelizing Entrust’s best-in-class Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), identity, security, and compliance solutions for worldwide, multi-cloud environments. I attend many global and national industry events where I speak about security topics and how Entrust solutions can help customers.

Back in 2019 I finally got off my butt and submitted my application and was accepted into the VMware vExpert Program. This year my application was renewed again for the fifth straight year. I’m proud to be a vExpert. Thank you VMware and the VMUG Community.

VMware vExpert 2023 Badge
VMware vExpert Badge
You can find me on the vExpert directory. I’m very proud of this distinction because I have been using VMware products/technologies and have spoken about them for many years.

It helped that I also got a gentle nudge from Ariel Sanchez. He was the one who really pushed me over the edge to do this. Here is a video where Ariel interviewed me at a past Pittsburgh VMUG Usercon event. Check it out:

I am finally getting around to learning how to use GitHub. In fact, this entire blog site is hosted on GitHub. You can find my contributions over here. I am using a framework known as Hugo for developing my site. I’m using the hugo-future-imperfect-slim theme.

That’s all for now. I’ll sprinkle a few more posts about myself in the future.

Thanks for reading!

PS: I also need to thank my beautiful wife, Laura, for sticking it out with me. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today in my career and in life in general. We wouldn’t have been able to do what we have done so far in life. It’s fun to think about what still lies ahead for us.

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This is my personal blog about technical topics including virtualization, storage, networking, backups, and some random IT stuff that strikes my fancy.